OHSA Issues Emergency Temporary Standard

    OHSA Issues COVID-19 Vaccination & Testing Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS)

  • GBS is an extension of your HR team

    Want Help Bending The Curve On Health Care?

    Implement A 4-Step Strategy To Lower Health Care Costs.
  • Important HR Information

    COVID-19 Confidentiality and Privacy Concerns

    How Employers Can Handle Confidentiality and Privacy Concerns Related to Collecting COVID-19 Vaccine Information

Understand what drives your health care COSTS

Our population health team will tell you how.

Then help you cut those costs.
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EMPOWER employees to make the best health care decisions

Use technology to make good health choices.

Shop for healthcare just like you shop for anything else. We can tell you how.
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Implement a WELLNESS program that makes a difference

Increase productivity, enhance morale, and lower costs with a wellness program

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Get HELP with compliance!

Compliance penalties can be costly

We provide you wtih the tools and expertise to keep you ahead of the game.
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Ashley Aoki
Senior VP of Sales & Revenue

why we are different

We are an extension of your HR team

GBS is a full-service employee benefits consulting firm, but we’re not just here to help you pick an insurance plan. We’re comprehensive, consultative and we’re here to elevate the benefits experience for you and your employees to new heights.

We believe that selecting insurance is more than just choosing a healthcare plan. It’s working with a team that understands YOUR organization and YOUR people.  Your benefits Consultant, Account Manager, and our team of experts will work tirelessly to continuously improve your employee benefits.

Employee Experience

We want your employees to get the most out of their benefits. Providing them with an exceptional employee experience allows them to understand, appreciate, and fully utilize their benefits. We have the technology and expertise to enhance your employee benefits experience.

Population Health

Your employees are your most valuable resource. That’s why we have a team of experts to help you improve their overall health, identify areas of concern, and make sure they get appropriate care – all while managing costs.


Compliance penalties can be costly. You need accurate tools and expertise to keep you ahead of the game. Our Compliance team is in the know and is here to update you on compliance obligations and put compliance procedures in place to avoid mis-steps.

People Trust Us

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A Trusted Partner in Employee Benefits!

We provide innovative solutions to help bring world-class employee benefits to your company. For over 30 years, we’ve provided the most personalized service in the industry. We give you specialized expertise in population health, compliance, and employee experience. We bring innovative solutions designed to elevate your employee benefits.

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