Lower Employee
Health Care Costs
With This GBS Strategy

Health care costs continue to rise, and companies are feeling that
financial strain on their employee benefits. At GBS, we’ve spent
decades helping companies big and small find more cost-effective
employee benefits and navigate insurance policies to get the best
results. Discover how our four-step strategy can help your company
lower its health care costs.

Our Four-Step Strategy

Our proven, four-step strategy was designed to help your company streamline employee
benefits while making them more cost-effective and efficient for your employees.


Find the Best Partner for
Your Benefit Plans

We pull from over 55 partnerships to help you find the best
benefit carrier to meet your company’s needs. 
Our team
brokers benefit plans for you in several areas, including:

  • Medical
  • Dental and vision
  • Basic and voluntary life
  • Accidental death and dismemberment
  • Disability
  • Worksite voluntary benefits
  • Cafeteria plans
  • Health reimbursement arrangement
  • Health savings account and FSA
  • 401(k)
  • And more!


Save Money With
Company Health Data

We use actuaries and data scientists to monitor your
company’s health data continually. With this information,
 we find ways to help you cut medical costs while still
 offering the benefits your employees need.


Help Employees
Maximize Benefits

If your employees haven’t been maximizing their health
care benefits, we can help. We show your team how to
enroll and make the most of the benefits you’re offering. 


Introduce an Effective
Company Wellness Program

We know that your employees’ mental and physical
wellness is important to you. That’s why we help you
build an effective company wellness program that
increases productivity, enhances morale, and lowers
medical costs while helping everyone be healthier. 

Impacting Lives
Team Specialists
Current Clients
Brokers & Consultants


Experience the GBS Difference

We are a full-service employee benefits consulting firm that focuses on
YOU. Our goal is to work together to elevate the benefits experience,
cut costs, and still give your employees the coverage they deserve.

Choosing a health care plan is more than just picking insurance
benefits. You’re selecting options that help your employees take better
care of themselves! That’s why we do things differently at GBS. We take
the time to fully understand your company and employees so we can
find ways to help you improve your employee benefits.

With GBS, You Get Enhanced:

Employee Experience

We improve the employee
experience by helping your
team understand, appreciate,
and utilize their benefits to the
fullest extent.

Population Health

We have a team of experts to
help your employees improve
their overall health by identifying
areas of concern and ensuring
they get appropriate care — all
while managing costs.


We help you avoid compliance
penalties by making sure your compliance obligations are met
and that you have procedures
in place to ensure all the steps
are completed.

GBS — A Trusted Partner in Employee Benefits

We work as an extension of your HR team to provide innovative
solutions that bring world-class employee benefits to your
company. With us, you get the most personalized service in the
industry with specialized expertise in population health,
compliance, and employee experience. We bring innovative
solutions designed to elevate your employee benefits.

See Why Clients Love GBS!


Senior Vice President at Flatirons Bank

“GBS has provided consistent and expert support to our company’s management team, helping us navigate the ever-changing world of employee benefits. When approaching enrollment season, they have their eye on the market and are prepared to help us make decisions. They work to help ensure that the benefits package we can offer our employees aligns with our company’s goals and values. GBS provides us with personalized support; they feel like members of our team.”

Vice President of Operations at IQ WIRED

“GBS has helped us save employees money, given us access to higher quality benefits, made resources available like employee advocates, wellness resources, and more. GBS has helped us find a solution that allows us to keep Kaiser for our primary health insurance which is a lower-cost option for many of our employees, while also finding a solution for our employees outside of the Kaiser network. Additionally, GBS has shopped and recommended a vendor for our ancillary benefits that saved employees money. Having access to the many resources at GBS and high-quality account management means we don’t have to hire additional consultants or employees.”

Vice President of People at

“From double digit premium savings on our health and welfare plans to providing
better and more plan options, GBS has demonstrated they are a broker of
expertise, depth and value beyond
compare to our previous broker. GBS has become an extension of our People and Benefits team. They have helped us by improving our employee satisfaction and increasing our recruiting
competitiveness–all at a lower cost than
the previous 5 years. Really!”

A Few of Our Amazing Clients