2023 Employee Benefits Market Outlook

The 2023 Employee Benefits Market Outlook examines critical employee benefits topics and trends, delivering insights into the market and forecasting where the industry may be headed in 2023 and beyond.

Before addressing future trends, it’s critical to understand the important themes from 2022 that laid the groundwork for this year.

To that end, the Market Outlook provides a snapshot of key benefits trends from 2022.

The Market Outlook then discusses key topics and trends for 2023, including implementing effective mitigation strategies to combat rising health care costs, bracing for a recession, prioritizing holistic employee well-being, bolstering voluntary benefits offerings to meet employee needs and more.

The PDF below provides:

  • a 2022 Retrospective covering:
    • State of the Market
    • Health Care Costs Climbed
    • Physical & Mental Health Worsened
    • Court Ruling & Regulatroy Changes
    • Section Summary
  • a 2023 Outlook covering:
    • Health Care Costs Continue to Rise as Employers Seek Effective Mitigation Strategies
    • Bracing for Recession
    • Pay Transparancy Gains Ground
    • Renewed Focus on Reproductive Health Benefits
    • Updated Overtime Rule Creates New Compliance Challenges
    • Bolstering Voluntary Benefits Offerings Helps meet Shifting Employee Needs
    • The Battle Over Remote & Hybrid Work
    • Employers Prioritize Holistic Well-being
This Market Outlook is provided by Leavitt Group. Reach out to discuss these topics or request additional resources.
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