Enjoy the Holidays with Less Stress

Enjoy the Holidays with Less Stress

Follow these six simple tips to keep your stress in check this holiday season.

1. Avoid Social Media Burnout

Social Media Burnout

Take a break from scrolling and try to be more present during the holidays this year. In today’s digital world, social media burnout is common.

Consider turning off notifications, set boundaries and limit the amount of time spent on your phone.

Focus on enjoying time with family and friends this holiday season. 

2. Finding the Perfect Gift Without Breaking the Bank​

Save money during the holidays by first creating a list of anticipated expenses including gifts, travel, and party costs. Use this list to make a budget and shopping list. 

Planning ahead can prevent last minute shopping when prices are typically increased. 

Holiday Budgeting

3. Be Grateful​

Coworkers enjoying time together

Gratitude is strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness.

Practice expressing gratitude by completing random acts of kindness, thanking a coworker, or keeping a running list of things that made you laugh.

4. Settle in for a Long Winter's Nap​

Make sleep a priority this holiday season. Sleep is beneficial for immune health as well as for mental and emotional health.

Sleep refreshes and reboots the body which can be extremely valuable when fighting sickness.

Getting rest during the holidays is important.

5. Schedule YOU Time​

Relaxation is important.

Making time for personal hobbies and self-care. It’s difficult to be there for others when self-care is on the back burner.

Consider developing better work-life balance by eating lunch away from the workstation or logging off once the workday is over.

6. Simplify & Savor

Don’t try to outdo yourself. Don’t be afraid to say no if an activity doesn’t sound enjoyable.

Be simple and sincere with all that you are involved in  this holiday season and watch your stress levels deflate.

Simplify and savor every moment.

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