HR Tech & Automation: How GBS Can Help You Win

HR Tech & Automation: How GBS Can Help You Win

Trending interest in automated recruiting platforms continues to grow. Each step of the recruitment process can benefit from automation, which is why it’s no surprise that recruitment technology currently makes up a large percentage of the overall HR tech market.

Keep in mind that automation isn’t just about eliminating manual tasks— it enables companies to scale up their recruitment programs, leverage data analytics, improve the candidate experience, and drive efficiency.

Examples of automation in the recruitment process are:

  • Candidate attraction: Automated candidate segmentation, job posting, social media posting.
  • Screening: Automated resume screening and skills assessments.
  • Interviewing: Automated interview scheduling
  • Onboarding: Automated background screening, electronic job offers

Automations should help your processes, not hurt them.

If a candidate tries to apply for a job on your webpage but their resume and cover letter imports incorrectly, their experience with your company is not off to a great start.

Losing the warmth of human connection in favor of technology is a challenge employers face when implementing an automated recruitment strategy.

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Therefore, it’s important to choose vendors that will help you run surveys and leverage data to pivot and change strategy when appropriate.

So, where do you begin?

Exploring the HR technology marketplace can be overwhelming.

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When choosing a vendor, an employer needs to consider vastly different critical factors such as total cost of ownership versus a vendor’s technological infrastructure all while navigating well-polished marketing messages. 

Your needs are unique, your time is precious, and the landscape can feel ambiguous.

Our HR Technology Consultants at GBS will be your advocate and guide.

We maintain an updated and extensive library of researched vendors that are evaluated in more than 500 points of functionality, pricing, and service.

Our consultants will assist you with contract negotiation, cost analysis, critical factor value-based rankings, and more.

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Maybe you already have a vendor, but you realize your time is being spent on troubleshooting and researching different error codes instead of reading results and providing a better experience for candidates and employees.

Perhaps you have implemented an automation, but it seems to be stuck somewhere and you’re not even sure how to explain what’s wrong. You’ve sunk too many hours into battling a machine and it no longer seems worth it.

“The best part of my role is helping our clients save time. Helping them get to a point in their career where they can be strategic instead of spending every day reacting to technical problems and reconciling incorrect bills.”

Whether you’re implementing recruiting automations for the first time with a new vendor or a seasoned veteran, you can reach out to GBS for guidance.

Our experts will help you address escalated issues; we will translate your needs and find a resolution that may have not been an option previously.

Leverage our collective experience in the HR tech space from vendor selection, strategy, and beyond to benefit your people and processes.

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