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2023 October Healthy Habits: Intent to Prevent

Focusing on preventive care rather than treatment of disease is the preferred approach to healthcare. Be proactive with your health care by scheduling regular check-ups, taking note of changes in your health, and preparing questions to discuss with your medical provider. Read this month’s resources to learn how to assess your risk for developing diabetes, heart disease, and stroke through detecting metabolic syndrome.

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2023 August Healthy Habits: Personal Progression

Build on the meaning, happiness, and health in your life by revisiting your 2023 intentions. Personal progression is a lifelong process that requires moments of reflection and evaluation to ensure you are living with purpose. Review this month’s resources for tips, tricks and activities to complete on your personal development journey.

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Watch Now: Connection & Mental Health

Discover the important role that social connection plays in our overall health and well-being. Social connection refers to the feeling of belongingness and connection to others, including friends, family, and community.

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Watch Now: The Importance of Self-Care

Explore the critical connection between self-care habits and emotional well-being, while discovering tools and techniques needed for behavior change. We delve into the importance of developing self-care habits such as healthy eating, regular exercise, good sleep hygiene, and stress-management techniques, while also examining the impact of negative habits such as maladaptive coping behaviors, poor work-life balance strategies, and negative self-talk on emotional well-being.

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Watch Now: Mindless & Mindful Movement

Over the past few decades, technology has streamlined work and home life. However, it has increased time spent sitting at a desk, in a car, or on the couch. A growing amount of evidence suggests that a sedentary lifestyle (one made up largely of sitting) plays a significant role in the rise of multiple chronic diseases.

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Watch Now: Intention in the Kitchen

March is National Nutrition Month, and we’re excited to take the opportunity to focus on this important aspect of physical health. Join Becca Rick, GBS Director of Health & Wellness and Registered Dietitian to discuss ways to have Intention in the Kitchen.

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Man walking dog in nature.

Stress Less

Nearly one-third of Americans report suffering from extreme stress, and these numbers are on the rise, with approximately half of Americans experiencing increased stress levels over the last five years. Because everyone experiences stress to some degree, it is universally important to develop effective stress management tools.

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Watch Now: Connect to What Matters

As we look forward to toasting eggnog and winning the company gingerbread house competition, it’s important to recognize the holidays can also be a time of stress. Our Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Catherine Van Tassell, shares tools to find meaningful connection during the holidays.

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giving back

Ways to Give Back

November is associated with spending time with family, gift giving and eating lots of delicious meals. It is the perfect time to show gratitude by finding ways to give back. Get inspired with these 7 ideas.

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