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2024 June Health & Wellness Resources: Celebrate Family Health & Wellness

Family Health & Fitness Day is celebrated the second Saturday in June each year. This special day promotes the importance of parks and recreation in keeping communities’ healthy and active. Whether you’re a single parent, married, have children or fur babies, try incorporating this month’s suggestions to help the whole family improve their health.

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2024 May Health & Wellness Resources: Honor Mental Wellbeing

Mental Health Awareness Month has been observed every May since 1949. The goal is to increase awareness of the vital role mental health plays in our overall health and wellbeing. It is an opportunity to remind ourselves and others of the inherent value we each hold – no matter diagnosis, appearance, socioeconomic status, background, or ability. This month, explore how your surroundings may be affecting your mental wellbeing.

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2024 April Health & Wellness Resources: Harness Humor

National Humor Month was created to increase public awareness of the therapeutic value of humor. Laughter, humor, and joy lead to improved well-being, boosted morale, increased communication skills, and an enriched quality of life. Read this month’s resources to find fun ways to celebrate.

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Portrait of Two Creative Colleagues Using Laptop to Discuss Work Project at Office. Young Black Technical Support Specialist Helping Female Customer Relationship Coordinator. Teamwork Concept

HR Tech & Automation: How GBS Can Help You Win

Trending interest in automated recruiting platforms continues to grow. Each step of the recruitment process can benefit from automation, which is why it’s no surprise that recruitment technology currently makes up a large percentage of the overall HR tech market.

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Watch Now: Healthcare Consumerism 101

Healthcare consumerism is a movement that advocates for patients’ involvement in their own healthcare decisions. It pushes the healthcare system to provide better information and transparency so patients can make educated decisions about their health and health benefits.

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People discussing compliance penalties.

Employer Shared Responsiblity Penalties

To avoid possible penalties, applicable large employers (ALEs) must offer affordable/minimum value health benefits to at least 95% of full-time employees and their dependents. Find and download the matrix.

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2024 Penalty Amounts for Health Benefits Compliance Violations

On January 11, 2024, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) issued the 2024 inflation-adjusted civil monetary penalties that may be assessed for a wide variety of employee benefits compliance violations. The new amounts are effective January 15, 2024. See more in this article and download the PDF.

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8 Tips for Modernizing Hiring in 2024

As 2024 begins, the traditional hiring approaches are being reshaped by technology, remote work dynamics and shifting employee expectations. This article explores strategies for employers to modernize their hiring practices in 2024.

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2024 January Health & Wellness Resources: Rethink Your Resolutions

Our theme, A Year of Celebration, is intended to help you approach the upcoming year with hope and gratitude. Each month’s theme will focus on a different national observance to expand your knowledge and perspective. January’s theme is about rethinking your resolutions as we learn about National Healthy Weight Week.

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