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Watch Now: Savoring the Season

Take a moment to learn how you can enhance your well-being this holiday season and beyond. Discover practical tools to nurture your mental health, manage stress effectively, and infuse purposeful presence into your holiday celebrations and the coming year.

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Strategies to Address Barriers to Mental Health Benefits

Employees who are mentally well are more productive, engaged and satisfied with their jobs. A myriad of factors, such as cost, access and stigma, can hold workers back from receiving the mental health support and treatment they need. Employers can help employees overcome these barriers, understand available treatment options and start their recovery journey.

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2023 December Healthy Habits: Purposeful Presence

During 2023 we focused on the concept of intentional living- the idea of enhancing your life by living with purpose and deliberation. As the year ends, tune in to your daily decisions and evaluate whether they are enhancing the quality of your life. The sum of these choices shapes the bigger picture of your life. For December, learn how to enjoy the holidays by practicing purposeful presence.

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Legal Update: Colorado FAMLI Reminder

Last chance notice. Employers who receive approval for private plans with an effective date of Jan. 1, 2024, will be eligible for a refund of premiums paid in 2023. The deadline for submission and approval of the plan is October 31, 2023. These organizations must also register with the division.

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Coverage of Medications for Weight Loss

To provide best-practice, clinically validated advice for our clients, our team has been diligent in learning about the efficacy of medications for weight loss from all perspectives. Here’s what we found.

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2023 October Healthy Habits: Intent to Prevent

Focusing on preventive care rather than treatment of disease is the preferred approach to healthcare. Be proactive with your health care by scheduling regular check-ups, taking note of changes in your health, and preparing questions to discuss with your medical provider. Read this month’s resources to learn how to assess your risk for developing diabetes, heart disease, and stroke through detecting metabolic syndrome.

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How Employers Can Manage Talent Debt

Talent debt occurs when an employer accumulates outdated or inadequate skills within its organization and workforce. This article explores talent debt and the strategies employers can implement to address it.

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Mental Health Parity Proposed Regulations

Mental Health Parity rules originated in 1996, but significant issues with non-compliance have more recently triggered additional attention, traction and action at the federal level. The 2023 proposed regulations are a good illustration of increasing federal regulatory focus on mental health parity, particularly with respect to the NQTLs, which are explained in more detail here.

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