Physical Wellness Webinar: Pain Management & Opioid Awareness

GBS Health & Wellness Webinar Series

Presented by Joe Tooley, PharmMD, MBA

Please join us for our upcoming wellness webinar with GBS Pharmacy Benefit Consultant, Joe Tooley, PharmD, MBA.


Date: Thursday, October 21st 

Time: 12:00pm MT

Topic: Pain Management & Opioid Awareness

Please Note: Live webinars cap at 500 attendees.

Substance abuse continues to make a major impact on the health of individuals, families and communities nationwide. Opioid abuse has become a national crisis.

This short webinar will provide you with education about opioids and proper pain management methods.

Join our GBS Pharmacy Benefits Consultant, Joe Tooley, for a thirty-minute webinar that will cover the following:

  • Types of Pain – Acute vs. Chronic
  • Treatment Options for Pain Relief
  • Opioids – What are they? How are they used?
  • What are the risks?
  • Medication Management – Responsible Prescribing
  • Opioid Awareness – Safety and Prevention
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