Six Things The GBS Small Employer Team Does For You (and why you can’t live without us):

  1. Size Matters – your employer size, that is, and we have a soft spot for groups under 50.  When you help us calculate your correct employer size it helps us know the right benefits to quote, the best service model for your company, and if you are subject to Federal or State COBRA.
  2. Renewals – Our team is highly specialized in getting your renewal, showing you the best options for you and your employees, and sealing the deal with an amazing open enrollment experience.  Let them work their magic for you.
  3. Compliance…what?  Even if you are a team of 2, you have to be in compliance with employment law (ERISA, ACA, etc).  Your GBS Client Manager will help make this process painless (mostly).
  4. Enrollments & Employee Changes – Like most employers you probably experience some turnover, and your employees definitely experience life.  We will make it as easy as possible to handle new hires, terminations, and life events (the good and the bad).
  5. Claims, Doctors, Bills, oh my! – The nature of the (insurance) beast is to be unpredictable at times, so let us help employees navigate these issues and you can worry about yourself.
  6. Resources for DAYS – GBS is the leading firm in all things Employee Benefits.  We can help with the latest COVID-19 news to human resource issues to Individual & Medicare plans.
Meet our amazing small business team!  Focused on small business all day, every day.
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