Watch Now: Disconnect to Connect

Screens consume a large amount of our personal and professional lives and for many of us, social media is the main avenue of social connection.

Social media can be a great way to connect with friends and family members that live far away or to meet new people who share interests. On the flip side, it can also provoke feelings of loneliness and comparison.

As nice as tweeting, chatting, and posting can be, it doesn’t compare to the reality and connection that comes with face-to-face conversations.

Being present is an important way to foster meaningful relationships, connect with your inner-self and experience the world in the now

Watch Now: Disconnect to Connect

Disconnect from the devices, apps and virtual worlds that steal our attention. Now is the perfect time to implement a digital detox and unplug from the constant connection to electronic devices.

Research has shown that participating in a digital detox may even help improve sleep, relationships, and mood. A digital detox means to take a break from using electronic devices for a period of time that can last anywhere from a single day to several months long.

The specifics vary from person to person, but things to avoid during a digital detox may include playing video games, scrolling social media, text messaging, and watching news or other TV programs. 

Evaluate your electronic activity and eliminate or limit the areas that will be most meaningful. This will give you the space needed to experience the real world and reconnect to experiences that don’t need a screen.

Enjoy the benefits of less stress, sharper focus, more time, and better social interactions as a result!


Not ready to complete a digital detox? Try implementing some of these tips as a first step to disconnect.

  • Unsubscribe from all unnecessary emails and texts received this week.
  • Organize digital content and delete excessive files or folders on one device.
  • Spend 30 minutes of technology free physical activity.
  • Spend at least one hour outdoors without technology and bring the family along.
  • Spend less than one hour of personal time on a device each day.
  • Play a board, card, dice, or table game with friends in place of playing a tech-based game alone.
  • Turn off the TV and leave cell phones, laptops, and all other devices in a separate room during each meal.
  • Intentionally spend an hour of free time without a screen either reading a book, journaling, walking, crafting, or meditating.
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