Watch Now: Vaccine Mandate Supreme Court Decision & What it Means for Employers

Get answers to the critical questions employers have relating to the COVID-19 vaccine mandate. How should employers comply?

Who Should Watch this Webinar

This webinar covers a variety of federal COVID-related vaccine and testing rules as well as new stricter California COVID related rules. Thus, some may not be interested in the entire discussion. To help you determine whether and what parts you should listen, we provide the following breakdown:

If you are an employer that falls under the federal OSHA ETS for employers with 100+ employees:

  • The webinar presenters briefly discuss the U.S. Supreme Court decision to put the rule back under a stay (delay effective date) until the merits of the case can be litigated within the federal court system. That discussion can be found on Fisher Phillips slides 4 to 5 and in minutes 7:25 to 9:24.

If you are an employer that falls under the federal CMS Vaccine Mandate because you have healthcare workers:

  • The webinar presenters discuss the U.S. Supreme Court decision to lift the stay and reinstate effective dates, which vary depending on the state. That discussion can be found on Fisher Phillips slides 6 to 10 and in minutes 9:25 to 18:32.

If you are an employer with California employees:

  • You should listen to this webinar in its entirety. However, if you would like to skip to the section where the specific California state requirements are covered, that discussion can be found on Fisher Phillips slides 11 to 57 and in minutes 21:00 to 1:11:48.

If you would like to learn more about the recent rule that requires insurance companies and group health plans to cover  the cost over the counter COVID tests in certain situations:

  • This discussion and topic is separate from the vaccine mandate requirements and can be found on Leavitt Group slides 3 to 6 and in minutes 1:15:41 to 1:24:17.

If you are unclear about the three different federal vaccine mandates (one of which was not discussed at all in the webinar), please see our one page matrix summary that can be found here.

What You'll Learn in this Webinar

The vaccine mandate is one of the biggest workplace law controversies that will ever be settled by the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS): whether the Biden administration’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate-or-test OSHA Emergency Temporary Standard and the healthcare employer mandate can be enforced.

SCOTUS set an emergency oral argument on these two companion cases for January 7. We invite you to view this webinar to hear about the outcome of the SCOTUS cases on the healthcare and private employer vaccine mandates.


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