Ways to Give Back

November is associated with spending time with family, gift giving and eating lots of delicious meals. It is the perfect time to show gratitude by finding ways to give back.

If you're looking for a new tradition that can be implemented within the household during the holiday season, consider volunteering and providing non-financial gifts to those that are less fortunate.

Find inspiration with these ideas:

Offer Time.

It can be difficult to remember what the holidays are all about. This is a great time to lend a hand to friend or family member.

Consider offering to do the grocery shopping for someone at risk for COVID 19 or offer to watch a family member or friend’s child when someone does not have the resources for a babysitter.

grocery shopping
Food donation


Consider taking time to go through closets and set aside clothes that no longer fit or are no longer wanted.

Gently used books, toys, or other household items are also great to donate to a shelter or local collection box.

Other ways to donate this month could include donating blood or donating cat and dog food to a local animal shelter.


Find ways to volunteer within the community and set a goal of putting aside time each week to do so.

Check out the local food bank, animal shelter and other local opportunities that might spark an interest.

Help at the local animal shelter.

Local Run.

Grab a friend or family member and head out for a local walk/run on Thanksgiving Day. Find a charity race where proceeds go to a charitable cause.

Pay It Forward.

Consider picking up the tab for someone’s coffee, dinner, or fuel. Smile at everyone during the day and give compliments.

Leave gratitude notes, connect with a friend or family member or send a note to someone special.

These are great ways to brighten one’s day and can start a trend for others to repeat the action.

Give back by inviting friends to a family meal.


Local food banks are generally in need of extra food during this month.

Check with the food bank on items that may be of shortage this month. 

Consider inviting a family member or friend over for dinner that may be going through a tough time.

Inexpensive Holiday Gift Ideas.

Get creative with gift giving this year.

Think sentimental value versus actual monetary value and have fun putting extra thought and time into gift ideas. 

Some ideas include a book exchange, food ingredients in a jar, personal house cleaning or house sitting.

The above suggestions are great ways to give back to your community or to those who may be struggling around the holidays.
In what ways do you show your gratitude during this season of thankfulness?
Woman working at food drive.
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