Wellness Compliance Considerations During COVID-19: Part II

Wellness Compliance Considerations During COVID-19: Part II

The COVID-19 pandemic has continued to impact personal and work schedules and obligations for many individuals and organizations. Our GBS Health & Wellness team has additional guidance to share on considerations for employers ponsored wellness programs. Our goal remains the same – to promote health and prevent disease. Keeping this in the forefront of your program planning and any modifications you make to requirements for receiving wellness credit or incentives is critical in order to ensure your employees feel supported by you, the employer, during these times.

As communicated in Part I of our Wellness Compliance Considerations During COVID-19, we are encouraging our clients to be flexible and err on the side of offering accommodations during this time. Review the requirements for your program to determine whether individuals can reasonably achieve the wellness program activities during this time. If not, work with your wellness consultant, carrier partner, and/or wellness vendor on appropriate ways to adjust your program.

As many programs include varying elements from our Six Dimensions of Wellness, we wanted to share a few alternative ideas that you may consider including in your program structure during this time. Please reach out to your Wellness Consultant or wellness@gbsbenefits.com if you would like further guidance.

As a final thought, we commend you for the health and wellness support you have invested in for your employees. This matters now more than ever, and we hope you find these additional elements to be useful during these times.



 Watch the recorded seminar Know Your Numbers, complete the quiz, and create a SMART goal related to the seminar
Watch the recorded seminar Dodging Diabetes, complete the quiz, and create a SMART goal related to the seminar

Physical Activity

Complete the 4-week Living Room Bootcamp challenge
Complete the 4-week Movement Matters campaign
Watch the recorded seminar Get Wise with Exercise, complete the quiz, and create a SMART goal related to the seminar


Complete the Meal Planning wildcard challenge
Complete the Meatless Monday wildcard challenge
Watch the recorded seminar Gut Health and Happiness, and complete the quiz


Complete the Eat the Frog wildcard challenge
Complete the Indulge Your Intellect wildcard challenge
Watch the recorded seminar Healthcare Consumerism: Ways to Be Wise and complete the quiz
 Listen to WELCOA Podcast – WOOPAAH and submit three things you learned


Complete the 4-week Chill Out challenge
Complete the Digital Detox wildcard challenge
Complete the CBT wildcard challenge
Watch the recorded seminar Sharpen Your Mind, complete the quiz, and create a SMART goal related to the seminar


Complete the 6-week Healthy Selfie campaign
Complete the Pay It Forward wildcard challenge
Watch the recorded seminar Pump Up Your Social Life and complete the quiz


Watch the recorded seminar Breathe Easy and complete the quiz
Sign and submit the Pollution Pledge


Complete the Financially Fit wildcard challenge
 Watch the recorded seminar 60 Minutes to Change, complete the quiz, and create a SMART goal related to the seminar
Below is an example of an email you may use to communicate with employees regarding the new wellness activity opportunities.

Hi Team,

During these ever-evolving times, our goal as a company is to provide support to help every individual thrive in this new environment. One large part of our goal is to help each team member focus on personal health by providing a variety of health and wellness resources. We recognize it is more important than ever to prioritize and practice self-care.

Over the next few months, we will be offering additional wellness activities and sharing helpful resources to support healthy habits in all dimensions of well-being – emotional, social, physical, financial, intellectual and environmental.

We hope you will join in on the fun and find a few healthy practices to carry you through to the other side, stronger than ever!

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